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Will County Community Health Department Food Sanitation Code Provisions

In accordance with the provisions of the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Food Service Sanitation Code and the Will County Food Service and Retail Food Store Sanitation Ordinance, inspectors from the Environmental Health Division of WCHD carry out food safety inspections at more than 2800 food service/food store facilities throughout the county.

Enforcing Provisions of the of the Food Sanitation Code

The Health Department’s policy of strictly enforcing the provisions of the Food Store Sanitation Code is designed to ensure that consumers are protected from the illnesses that follow the consumption of contaminated food. The Health Department has the authority to suspend or revoke the permits of food service establishments whenever a risk to public health is determined.

Inspections of retail food establishments

Inspections of retail food establishments are based on the State of Illinois Retail Food Sanitary Inspection Report which contains items that must be addressed and rated in accordance with the Illinois Food Code. All retail food establishments are subject to inspection at any time and the completed inspection reports are public documents that are available to any person who requests them according to law.