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Submitting Food Service Applications and Inspections

Before constructing or remodeling a food service establishment, a proposal shall be submitted to the Division of Environmental Health at the WCHD. Use the Food Establishment checklist to organize all the required documentation for a plan review. Proposals may be hand delivered or mailed. Plan review payments must be made at the time of submission and can be made in person, over the phone or electronically using GovPay or 1-888-604-7888, use Pay Code Location #7078.

Division of Environmental Health Food Service and Retail Food Store Construction Guide

For additional information on the plan review process please reference the Division of Environmental Health Food Service and Retail Food Store Construction Guide. Drawings submitted are not required to be from an architect however drawings should be a readable size and legible. Drawings should include an equipment layout with an equipment list keyed to the drawing. Mechanical, plumbing, and electrical drawings should be included with the proposal. A room finish schedule is required. If the drawings do not include a room finish schedule use the Food Establishment Room Finish Schedule found below.

Proposals are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Generally, the initial plan review process will be completed in 10-14 days. If an operation requires a quicker review time an expedited fee (twice the usual fee) can be paid and the initial review will be completed in 7 days.

As a project nears completion the operator shall call to schedule an inspection. New facilities are required to have an inspection prior to operating. Existing facilities that remodel or make changes are required to be inspected prior to operating new equipment or occupying new areas of the facility. After a facility has a satisfactory inspection a Food Establishment Permit may be issued.