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Recovery from this pandemic depends upon the individual actions of every person.

Kalisha Hill, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer, AMITA Health Saint Joseph Medical Center

Everyone deserves the opportunity to safely recover from this pandemic.

Do your part.
Get Vaccinated.

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COVID-19Vaccine Hesitancy


Thursday, July 29 from 1PM - 2PM

Join us as we discuss COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and barriers in the African-American Community while acknowledging our history and renewing our trust in medicine.

MODERATOR - Vinita Voss, Vaccine Equity Manager,Will County Health Department

Panelist - Dr. Charles Barron, Chief Medical Officer,Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness

Panelist - Shawn Marconi, MBA, Executive Director,Will-Grundy Medical Clinic

Panelist - Karyn Wesley, DNP, APHN, RN,Assistant Professor -Community Health Nursing,Lewis University

Will County Residents

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Attention residents of Will County

We need your help! Will County Health Department needs your input on the COVID-19 vaccination to help us better understand where our communities stand on the vaccine. We are working to better center our education and outreach efforts to address concerns and questions about the vaccine and ensure that everyone has equitable access to the vaccine.

We are asking you to take just 5-10 minutes to express your views on the vaccine through this completely anonymous survey. You can complete this survey regardless of whether you have taken the vaccine or not; we need input from everyone. Your responses will not be personally connected to you in any way. We encourage you to express your thoughts so we can better serve our communities.


Thank you so much!

Lost Your Vaccine Card?

You can request a copy of your vaccine records from the Illinois Department of Public Health.



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Will County wants to stress the importance of keeping up with your health amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Will County offers healthcare to all of our residents, and encourages you to book your regular appointments, sign up for our health center programs, and do your best to stay healthy!

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