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A comprehensive program that assures easier access to medical care and provides support for high-risk infants.

About the High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Program

The High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Program focuses on DCFS Wards Under Six, Pregnant DCFS Wards, and High Risk Infants Under Age of Two.

This program provides guidance and support to foster parents to ensure children have appropriate medical care; including well child visits, specialty medical visits, dental check-ups, vision and hearing screens, and immunizations.

We ensure that a child has a PCP and foster parents are referred to providers as needed.

We also report to the DCFS caseworker the child’s medical history/status/concerns every six months.

Pregnant DCFS wards are provided prenatal education, support, and guidance throughout the pregnancy.

High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Referrals

High Risk Infants are referred to us by the Illinois Department of Public Health when they are discharged from the hospital. Parents are provided with support, education, and guidance. Developmental screenings are done at specific intervals, and early intervention programs are contacted as needed.