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The Will County MAPP Collaborative connects Will County residents with local food resources.

Micro Food Pantries

Micro pantries are designed to allow anonymous food pick-up for those in need, and a drop-off point for those who wish to donate. Micro pantries are accessible 24 hours a day.

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Mobile Food Pantries

Mobile food pantries are food distributions off refrigerated trucks from Northern IL Food Bank. Each mobile pantry distribution lasts two hours and provides nutritious food to as many as 250 families.

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Food Pantries

Food pantries are permanent locations that distribute food directly to residents at low to no cost. The map includes food distribution schedules, dates, hours of service, location and eligibility requirements for each pantry. There are more than 50 food pantries in Will County.

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Are you ever worried food will run out before you get money to buy more?

A website was created to connect Will County residents to local food resources.

To find food near you visit:

photo of a micro food pantry