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Movable Food Service Regulations

Mobile food service refers to a truck, trailer or push cart that moves from one location to the next offering food prepared onboard the vehicle or from a licensed and inspected commissary kitchen. These vehicles are fully self-contained with a source of power, plumbing system (if applicable) and commercial equipment to support the storage, preparation and service of the menu items. The mobile food service guidelines brochure is available for more information.

Mobile unit service cleaning and re-supplying

A mobile food service must return daily to a fixed commissary kitchen for cleaning and re-supply. The commissary kitchen must have a valid license and be routinely inspected. A signed commissary agreement must be submitted along with the application for a mobile food service permit.

Mobile food service operating permits

All mobile food service operators must apply for an operating permit from the Will County Health Department. Mobile food service operators offering menu items prepared and packaged at the commissary kitchen must submit a mobile food service permit application, commissary agreement and vehicle registration. Mobile food service operators offering menu items prepared onboard the vehicle must submit a proposal for review. Submit the mobile food service worksheet along with the mobile food service permit application. Fees for plan review and permitting are listed on the application. Fees shall be submitted at the time of application.

Certified food protection managers

Mobile food service, like fixed food service operations, are required to be under the operational supervision of a Certified Food Protection Manager. Food service workers onboard the vehicle are required to obtain ANSI-approved training in food safety and pass a nationally recognized exam. The Will County Health Department does not offer the course and exam however, there are many third-party providers available online or check with your local junior college.