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No Human Exposure, Cat was Up to Date on Vaccinations

A bat picked up at a Lockport residence on Saturday, June 30th tested positive for rabies Monday,

July 2nd by the Illinois Department of Public Health laboratory.  The bat was discovered at a

residence in the 165-hundred block of McKenzie Avenue, when it was found in the mouth of the

home owner’s cat. 

The cat was up to date on its rabies vaccinations, but the owner will seek advice from a veterinarian

about whether a booster is warranted.  PEP rabies treatment was not recommended for any of the

household’s three residents who were home at the time, as non of them had exposure to the bat. 

Bats discovered in Will County need to be immediately reported to Will County Animal Control at

815-462-5633.  The Will County Animal Control program maintains a 24-hour answering and

emergency pick-up service for confined stray animals, injured animals, and stray biters.

In addition to reporting any discovered bats immediately, Will County residents are reminded to remove

any people and animals from the area where the bat is, close off the vicinity where the bat is located

if possible, and

look over all present residents and pets that were around the bat for any small puncture or bite marks.  Please also

remember to have your pets currently vaccinated against rabies. 

For more on dealing with bats, please go to recommended websites from the Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention or Will County.