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Third and Fourth Rabid Bats Found In Will County; No Human Treatment Needed

Indoor/Outdoor Cat Given Rabies Booster

Two additional bats captured in Will County have tested positive for rabies, bringing the total number of rabid bats this season to four.  On Tuesday, June 12th, a downed bat was found alive, in the driveway of a Homer Glen residence of 163rd Street.  Animal Control was contacted to take custody of the bat, and it was confirmed rabid the following day at the Illinois Department of Public Health’s laboratory. 

It was determined that all three residents in the Homer Glen household did hot have contact with the bat, and therefore did not need PEP treatment for rabies.  However, an indoor/outdoor cat living at the residence was sent to the veterinarian for a rabies booster and follow-up treatment as a precaution.

On Thursday, June 14th, residents living at a household in the 1300 block of Norther Center Street in Joliet noticed a bat flying around inside the home.  Will County Animal Control was contacted, and the bat tested positive for rabies the next day at the IDPH laboratory.  PEP treatment was not recommended for the residents in the home.  These two instances came after previously tested rabid bats found in Joliet and southern Naperville.

Bats discovered in Will County need to be reported immediately to Will County Animal Control at 815-462-5633.  The Will County Animal Control program maintains a 24-hour answering and emergency pick-up service for confined stray animals, injured animals, and stray biters.

In addition to reporting any discovered bats immediately, residents are reminded to remove any people and animals from the area where the bat is, close off the vicinity where the bat is located if possible, and look over all present residents and pets that were around the bat for any small punctures or bite marks.  Please also remember to have your pets current vaccinated against rabies.

For more on dealing with bats, please go to recommended websites from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or Will County.