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The New FDA Food Code: A Comprehensive Look

Comparing the New and Old Codes

In preparation for the 2019 implementation of the new Illinois Food Code, the Environmental Health Division has prepared training materials for food establishment operators. The training materials include a Power Point presentation that provides information on the new requirements, identifying foodborne illness risk factors and implementing appropriate management of risk factors to reduce, eliminate or control foodborne illness. Also, there is a food establishment operator handout packet that provides quick reference to key concepts such as changes in the inspection process, designating a Person in Charge and Employee Personal Hygiene. The new Food  Establishment Inspection Report  lists the 29 Foodborne Illness Risk Factors and Public Health Interventions along with 29 Good Retail Practices. This training material provides food establishment operators an opportunity to implement new requirements, update standard operating procedures and prepare staff for the upcoming changes. Select the documents below for download and start the training today.