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Study: E-Cigarette Users Less Likely to Quit Tobacco

Those Who Vape Shown to be Only Half as Likely to Give Up Tobacco.

Smokers who also use e-cigarettes may be half as likely to give up tobacco as smokers who never vape at all, a European study suggests. Daily e-cigarette use was associated with 48 percent lower odds of having quit regular cigarettes. Smokers in the study also used more cigarettes a day when they vaped than when they avoided e-cigarettes altogether, researchers report in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. People smoked an average of about 14 cigarettes a day when they didn’t vape, and around 16 cigarettes a day when they did. Researchers analyzed data from a 2014 survey of more than 13,000 current or former smokers in the European Union. About 2,500 participants said they had tried vaping at least once. Click here  for the study and here for a news report.