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We Salute WCHD Nurses and their Passion to Serve

How much do nurses love their jobs? Let’s find out!
Lou Lamdagan: “I wouldn’t change my profession for the world. Nursing has made me more compassionate and thankful for life itself. Nurses have a huge impact not just on the physical health of patients and clients, but also on their mental outlook and well-being.”

May Liang: “Since I was young, I have always had the passion for helping others. I later found out that nursing was a noble job and the right career for me to pursue. Most of us received care from nurses when we were born. Nurses promote healthy lifestyles, provide care to those fighting diseases, and comfort those who are at the ending stages of their lives. As nurses, we support the helpless one, inspire the hopeless one, and company the people with loneliness. My life is more meaningful because I am a nurse.