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Environmental Health Division Very Busy Checking Swim Sites

Getting Both Pools and Beaches Set for the Summer

Warmer weather is usually accompanied with the need for more outdoor activities, outdoor activities like swimming. Swimming can be fun, but it can also be dangerous. The Environmental Health Department is dedicated to reducing and eliminating violations at public swimming facilities in Will County. With education and regular inspections, the Environmental Health Department is assisting in creating safer public swimming locations throughout Will County. 

The start of outdoor swimming season is upon us and the pools and beaches in Will County are ready to get the outdoor swimming fun started. All outdoor pools and beaches are required to pass an inspection prior to opening for the season. Once the facilities have been approved to open, the outdoor pools and beaches receive a routine inspection once every two weeks. During the routine inspection, water quality and mechanical functions are checked. All pools and beaches receive a more in-depth licensing inspection annually. 

The Environmental Health Department is also reminding pool facilities to check their main drain safety cover’s expiration date in order to continue to be in compliance with the suction entrapment rules and regulations. There have been some fee changes as well. Pool inspection fee is $250.00, additional feature fee is $75.00, and re-inspection fee is $50.00. Bathing beach inspection fee is $200.00, the sample analysis fee remains at $20.00, and the re-inspection fee is $50.00. 

The Environmental Health Department has already approved many outdoor swimming facilities to open, and this Department looks forward to its continued work with all public swimming facilities to make swimming safer for all Will County residents.