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The Will County Health Department Community Health Center has announced that a third Spanish speaking OB/Gyne has joined their staff. Dr. Veronica Arauz, a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, will be joining Dr. Cynthia Vera and Dr. Tracy Vera to provide a trio of bilingual OB/Gyne providers on the Community Health Center staff.

Dr. Arauz, a native of Chicago and a current resident of Schiller Park, says she chose her career at an early stage of her life. “I knew I wanted to go into medicine starting in 7th grade,” Dr. Arauz recalled. “My maternal grandmother was a nurse, and then a doula (birthing caretaker/patient advocate), in Mexico. She often shared her stories with me, and that inspired me.”

Dr. Arauz also stated that she’s very happy to be helping the Community Health Center with their Spanish speaking services for Will County residents. “Knowing more than one language is important, as it allows me to improve my communication with my patients. It also helps me form a bond with them and their families.”

Dr. Arauz says the commitment she sees at the Community Health Center is a major reason she has joined the team. “Being able to provide quality integrated care is one of the main reasons I chose to work here at the Will County Community Health Center. Care can often be limited by not having enough resources, and here we have everything at one location. Our staff works as a team to help complete this mission, and I am excited to have joined them.”

Appointments at the Will County Community Health Center can be made by calling 815-727-8670; or going to selecting the “Children and Families” tab, clicking on “Community Health Center,” and going to “Request an Appointment” on the right side.