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Nasal Spray’s Full Name is Fluticasone Propionate

Dear Patients:

There has been a nation-wide DRUG RECALL that you should be aware of.

The name of the recalled drug is FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE NASAL SPRAY, 50 MCG. The

common name is FLONASE.

The “LOT number” and “expiration date” of the packages associated with the recall are: 

N J 4 5 0 1 , 07/20.

This version of the product is being recalled because the product was found to contain small glass

particles. Nasal mucosa (lining of your nose) injury or irritation is possible with the use of this “LOT
number” of this medication.

If you use this medication, stop it immediately, and call or come to see a CHC provider. Walk-ins are