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The new Will County Health Department building will be located mostly to the right of the current Neal Avenue Parking Lot seen in this picture.


Beginning this coming Monday, December 3rd, Will County Health Department and Community Health Center clients will notice changes in the properties at 501 Ella Avenue (Health Department building) and 1106 Neal Avenue (Community Health Center.)

The first change will be the placement of fencing along portions of the Neal Avenue parking lot that lies between the two buildings. Although parking changes are scheduled to go into effect on Wednesday December 12th, one thing that will change on the 3rd is that the south end of the ring road, which goes around to the back of the campus, will be closed just past the Community Health Center.

Then, starting on the 12th, much of the parking lot between the two buildings will be closed. “Patient parking in front of the Community Health Center will not be disrupted, and the parking in front of the WIC building will remain for WIC clients,” said Health Department Executive Director Sue Olenek. “A small portion of that Neal Avenue parking lot will still be open. But we are also asking that clients follow all posted signs to other visitor parking lots, and become familiar with these options during construction of the new building.

“This will certainly be challenging, but we are thanking all Will County Health Department visitors for their understanding and patience. We are very committed to continuing services for all our clients, patients, and customers.” Olenek continued. “The end result will be a brand new, state of the art, purpose-built building. It will be well worth the effort.”

The new building, which will house the Will County Health Department’s Administrative, Behavioral Health, Environmental Health, and Family Health Services Divisions; as well as the Will County TB Clinic; is expected to be completed in mid-2020.