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The WCCHC (Will County Community Health Center) Dental Clinic, located at 1106 Neal Avenue in Joliet, has announced some special improvements through the help of an Oral Health Grant.

While the changes include new patient chairs for three examination rooms, along with wall-mounted TVs for patients to view educational programing during examinations as well as their own X-rays, there is a major addition that has been desired for quite some time.

The CHC Dental Clinic now includes a state of the art, extra oral, digital Panoramic X-ray machine.  Chief Dental Officer Dr. Sangita Garg says she has wanted to offer these type of X-rays since she began her career with CHC Dental.  The Panoramic X-ray is a single picture of all teeth and surrounding bones.  This X-ray can be taken easily for children and adults with gag reflexes, anxiety, or patients with difficulty in opening their mouths due to swelling or infections.  It also works faster than other X-ray machines, and with less radiation.

In addition, certain safety measures have been taken by the CHC Dental Clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic.  There are three HEPA filters for constant air cleaning, ultra-violet light is now installed in the HVAC system that kills a variety of harmful bacteria, allergens, and viruses; and dental patients are tested for COVID-19 before dental procedures.

Please call 815-774-7300 to make an appointment with the newly upgraded Will County Community Health Center Dental Clinic with new technology.

(TOP) WCCHC Chief Dental Officer Dr. Sangita Garg poses with the Dental Clinic’s new digital Panoramic X-ray machine.  (BELOW) Dr. Garg and Dental Assistant Maria Alvarez pose with one of three HEPA filters now used at the Dental Clinic for constant air cleaning during the pandemic.