What are Certified Copies of Death Certificates Needed For?

The list is merely a suggestion of some possibilities.

Since everyone has differing estate issues, the following is merely a suggestion of some possibilities.  It may be

beneficial to check before ordering your death certificates.

  1. Life Insurance – One for each insurance company regardless of number of policies.
  2. Banks – One for each bank, particularly if the accounts are in the deceased’s name only and possibly if the account is in joint tenancy
  3. Stocks – Individual or jointly owned, again, one for each Company.  If held by a Broker, one for each Broker.
  4. Bonds – One for Savings Bonds. Bonds can be reissued to new owner(s). If Corporate Bonds, one for each company
  5. Real Estate – One for each County in which property is owned.
  6. Secretary of State – If the decedent is named on a title for an automobile, boat, mobile home, etc.
  7. IRA’s – One for each financial institution where funds are maintained.
  8. CD’s – One for each financial institution where funds are maintained.
  9. Pension – One for each pension fund
  10. Health Insurance – May be needed if insurance is provided by the decedent’s employer.
  11. Current or Vacation Pay – If the decedent was still actively employed
  12. 401K / 403B / Retirement Plans – One for each depository
  13. Federal / State / Local Income Tax – One for each of them.
  14. Probate – If the estate of the decedent is to be probated, you may need as many as 5.  If you have an Attorney, ask them how many they’ll need.
  15. Social Security Administration – They will need a certified copy, but will make a copy and return your Certified Copy back to you after they make a photocopy
  16. Veteran’s Benefits

In order to cancel some services, some agencies, such as telephone/cell phone companies, utilities, credit card

companies may only require photocopies of your certified copies, but check with them to be certain.  Make yourself

several photocopies when you receive your certified copies so you’ll have them if needed.

There are probably others not mentioned here.  If you know of additions that would make this list more complete,

please contact us so that we may share the information with others.

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