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Lots of Immunization Needs Expected after 2020’s Coronavirus Effects

JOLIET, IL – At the Will County Health Department (WCHD), the Family Health Services (FHS) Immunizations office is urging parents to MAKE THEIR CHILDREN’S APPOINTMENTS FOR NEEDED SCHOOL IMMUNIZATIONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

While it is not unusual to have the problem of some families waiting until the last minute, this year could be even more of a burden due to all the pandemic challenges of 2020.

“We anticipate higher numbers of children needing school shots this summer due to the COVID restrictions and remote learning experienced last fall,” said WCHD FHS Immunizations Director Lisa Carlson.  “We strongly encourage everyone to schedule their appointments for school shots now to avoid the rush in July and August.  Please call 815-740-8143 to make an immunizations appointment.”  That number can be called to make an appointment with WCHD Immunization Clinics at the Joliet, Bolingbrook, and Monee branches.  For more on WCHD Immunizations, please go to

Please remember that upon your arrival to any WCHD Immunizations Office, precautions are still being followed.  “Masks are still required for service,” said Carlson.  “When you arrive for your appointment, please enter through the main entrance, have your temperature screened at the front door, and then come to Immunization Registration.”

Immunizations are also available for patients of the Will County Community Health Center (WCCHC).  For appointments, call the WCCHC at 815-727-8670, or go to  Walk-ins are accepted as well.

For more on Will County Health Department programs, please go to