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Two live bats were collected this week from a residence off of Aberdeen Road in Frankfort, and one of them tested positive for rabies on August 29th.  Four adults and one dog reside in the house where the bats were found.  The dog is up to date on the rabies vaccine and was recommended for a booster.   One adult was advised to see his family physician.

Earlier this week, the sixth rabid bat of the year found in Will County was captured in Peotone, and confirmed rabid on August 28th. The bat was found in the 30000 block of Will County Road in Peotone. It was discovered in a garage with two five-month-old cats, and the bat was reportedly deceased when discovered.

Other Will County rabid bats of 2019 have been found in Braidwood, Homer Glen, Steger, and two others in Frankfort.

In 2018 there were a total of 19 confirmed rabid bats in Will County, with the significant number credited in part to more awareness and vigilance on the part of Will County residents.

Bats discovered in Will County need to be immediately reported to Will County Animal Control at 815-462-5633.  The Will County Animal Control program maintains a 24-hour answering and emergency pick-up service for confined stray animals, injured animals, and stray biters.

In addition to reporting any discovered bats immediately, Will County residents are reminded to remove any people and animals from the area where the bat is, and to close off the vicinity where the bat is located if possible, and look over all present residents and pets that were around the bat for any small puncture or bite marks.  Residents are reminded to not touch a deceased bat, and to please also remember to have your pets currently vaccinated against rabies.

For more information bats and rabies, please go to this Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site.