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Ongoing Community Survey Gives Residents Voice in Identifying Community Needs for Programs


Ongoing Community Survey Gives Residents Voice in Identifying Community Needs for Programs

Will County residents are urged to complete the 2022 Will County Community Survey so that the county’s public health system can better understand the needs of the community and can develop plans to address those needs.

Previous surveys have brought about many important programs to the people of Will County such as:

  • The Micro Pantry Project and its 75 micro pantries located throughout Will County
  • The Will County Health Department’s STOP outpatient substance use treatment program
  • Housing, Healthcare, and Hope—a Will-Grundy Medical Clinic program that helps address the housing and healthcare needs of people who have become housing insecure
  • Food For All For a Healthier Community Project which is presently working to establish 3 fresh markets with commercial kitchens in areas of greater inequity

The survey can be taken online in as little as 15 minutes. Answers are confidential and cannot be linked to anyone who takes the survey.

The survey is available in English or Spanish. Residents can take the survey until July 4th.

This survey takes place every three years by the Will County MAPP Collaborative. MAPP stands for Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships.

According to Nicole Garrett, Will County Health Department’s Community Planning Manager and MAPP Collaborative Coordinator, this survey will help “provide a data-driven, action based, community framework to meet prioritized community needs.”

The Community Survey creates information that is used to improve the lives of Will County residents. The information gathered from the survey provides critical data. This data allows members of the MAPP Collaborative to adjust their services and practices to meet the needs of the people of Will County.

Garrett encourages every Will Count resident to complete the survey so that MAPP’s participating partners can “assess and address public health and community wide inequities, vulnerabilities and readiness to handle emerging public health threats and link individuals to essential public health services.”

If a resident does not have a computer, there will be local events where this survey could be accessed. These events will be advertised as their times, dates and locations become available.

To learn more about the Will County MAPP Collaborative or to read past reports, go to .

Residents can take the survey using one of the following links: