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New Vaccine Programs Make vaccines for Adults More Accessible


If you have no insurance, or your insurance or Medicare does not cover immunizations, or if you are unable to obtain vaccinations with your Medicaid plan, you may be eligible for one of our new programs! If you qualify, each vaccine will cost only $23.75.  This includes Flu, Pneumonia, Prevnar, Shingrix, Tdap MMR, Hepatitis A and B vaccines, Varicella, Gardasil9 (HPV Vaccine), Meningitis and MenB (Bexsero).



We now have vaccine for all children on Medicaid (both Title 19 and CHIP)!  We also continue to have vaccine for those with no insurance and those whose insurance does not cover vaccines. Medicaid covers the cost for children’s vaccines and if you don’t have Medicaid the cost is $23.75 per dose of vaccine.


Please make an appointment for your immunizations by calling 815-740-8143.