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I never thought I would get COVID, especially when we immediately started safety measures at work back in March, which was the week before I started feeling symptoms – plus I’m one who very rarely gets sick. It came so quickly too, and it was a roller coaster of symptoms – one day I could sit up, the next day I didn’t even have the strength to sit. The worse thing was the horrible ear pain, which is a symptom I never heard of with anyone else who had COVID. Some of my symptoms weren’t common, like the ear pain, bouts of insomnia, nightmares, and even hallucinations. Soon after I was diagnosed, I told my friend I wanted her to have custody of my son in case something happened to me. I even put it in writing because I was so frightened.

When I look back, I should have gone to the hospital much earlier, but I was scared. All I could think of was being put on the ventilator because I was having trouble breathing. After two months of being sick, my taste and smell came back, BUT something in my body felt wrong and I went for a CT scan for my lung and pelvic area. It was shocking to hear a blood clot was found on my ovary and my left lung was very cloudy. It looked like shattered glass, according to my doctor. He said the cloudiness was comparable to the lungs of someone who smoked for 80 years, and I’m not a smoker. I was put on blood thinners (I’m still on them today), and after seven months I still have some lingering side-effects. I get bad headaches and I’m very easily fatigued.

I really want everyone to know COVID IS REAL! You should do your part to keep yourself and others safe from being infected because you just don’t know how it’s going to affect you if you get it.