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Recovery from this pandemic depends upon the individual actions of every person.

Kalisha Hill, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer, AMITA Health Saint Joseph Medical Center

Everyone deserves the opportunity to safely recover from this pandemic.

Do your part.
Get Vaccinated.

Learn how to do your part by watching the videos below.

It’s Time To Get Vaccinated.

Reconnect Safely With Your Loved Ones.

Dykota’s Life Mattered.

So Does Yours.

Dykota Morgan, a 15 year old from Bolingbrook, IL, was tragically taken from her parents and family within 72 hours of exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. She contracted COVID-19 and passed away one week before the vaccine was approved for use in children ages 12-17. Listen to her parents, Krystal and Rashad tell her story and why it is so important to them to ensure children get vaccinated.

We are now offering scheduling to the Will County Health Department Vaccine Clinics through our COVID-19 appointment scheduling phone line.

Call to Schedule your Vaccine with the Will County Health Department


Do you know someone who is interested in receiving a COVID vaccine who is unable to get out of the house due to medical limitations?

Consider applying for our homebound vaccination program through the Will County Health Department! Click the link to apply, and we will follow up with you as soon as we can! We want to get everyone vaccinated, especially those who are most at-risk and homebound.