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Are you spending more time at home? The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has sent many of us to our homes for work, education and leisure. During the height of the shutdown, 42% of the US work force was working from home. An additional 33% were unemployed. Schools districts throughout the county have implemented e-learning curriculums sending students to the dining room table for lessons. Peloton has reported a 172% increase in sales with the high demand for stationary bikes and treadmills as people have been using their homes to maintain a healthy workout routine. So many of the daily activities that we do outside of the home are now conducted within our homes. Considering how much time is spent in our homes the quality of the indoor air is now even more important.

January is Radon Action Month and a perfect time to test your home for radon gas. Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. Exposure to radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Purchase an inexpensive test kit for $8.00 at any one of the health department offices located in Joliet, Bolingbrook and Monee. The kit contains easy instructions for performing the test. The test kit will hang in your home for three days. When the test is completed, seal the test kit and mail to the lab. The fee includes postage, lab analysis and report.

We do so many things to ensure the health of our families. What is one more?  Perform a radon test this month.


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