Emergency Pharmaceutical Distribution

Utilizing Points of Dispensing Locations in the Event of an Emergency

In the event of a public health emergency, the Health Department is the Will County agency responsible for

distribution of pharmaceuticals (antibiotic medications) to the entirety of Will County and any other areas of

responsibility by utilizing Points of Dispensing (POD) centers. Points of Dispensing are locations throughout the

County which could be used to distribute medications in the event of a health emergency. The Emergency

Preparedness and Response Division will undertake a leading role in that process. The staff of the Emergency

Preparedness and Response Division has also played a key role in developing The Will County Pharmaceutical

Distribution Plan. This plan serves as the protocol for the request, receipt, staging, public notification, and

distribution of pharmaceuticals from both the Illinois Pharmaceutical Stockpile and the Strategic National Stockpile

provided via the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

respectively. The WCHD reserves the right to enact only portions of this plan if a full-scale distribution is not



Points of Dispensing or PODs are locations across the County that could be used to distribute

medications or vaccinations in the event of a health emergency to a large number of people. 

Normally, you go to a clinic or doctor’s office for medicine.  But during a health emergency, POD’s

may be set up to get medications out very quickly.  Medicines given at the PODS will be free. 

Routine medical care is not provided at a POD. 


There are two types of PODs, open PODs and closed PODs.  An open POD is a public place that

people can go to get medication or a vaccination (a shot), for free in a public health emergency.    A

closed POD is only open to a specific group of people, like a company for their employees and their

immediate family members.