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Geographical Information System Map: Coronavirus, Local Cases


COVID-19 MAP by zip 5.29.20








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“The data provided on this graphic is what has been entered into Illinois’ National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (I-NEDSS) data system. The data is constantly being entered and may change as cases are investigated.  Therefore, numbers may vary from other sites where data is published. The Graphic above is provided with data from INEDSS through IDPH COVID-19 Statistics daily updates. Data from INEDSS follows INEDSS laboratory criteria for detection of COVID-19. “

“It is important to note: These numbers are representative of the increase in statewide and local testing accessibility. As more individuals are able to access testing, the rate of individual positive cases will increase.”







IDPH COVID presentation

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Region 7 Map: Will, Kendall, Kankakee, Grundy, Cook

Regional Map

Region 7 Hospitals: 

Advocate Christ Medical Center
Advocate South Suburban Hospital
AMITA St. Joseph Medical Center
AMITA St. Mary’s Hospital
Franciscan Health-Olympia Fields
Ingalls Memorial Hospital
OSF Little Company of Mary Hospital
Morris Hospital
Palos Community Hospital
Riverside Medical Center
Silver Cross Hospital


For Data on Illinois Regional Hospital Resource Utilization, visit:


Restore Illinois Plan

Restore Illinois Guidelines


Social Determinants of Health and Vulnerable Populations: 




For more information on COVID-19 stability on surfaces visit: a study conducted by NIH provided information on COVID-19 and stability on surfaces, see here:

High COVID-19 Attack Rate Amoung Attendees at Church- Read Full Study Here

Clinical Characteristics of Patients Who Died of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in China

“Most patients (125patients[74.4%]) had 1 or more comorbidities. The following distribution of chronic comorbidities among these patients: Hypertension was the most common comorbidity (84patients[50.0%]), followed by diabetes (42patients[25.0%]), and ischemic heart disease (31patients[18.5%]” JAMA

Read Here: Characteristics of mortality COVID CHINA

Comorbidity contributed to nearly 25% of all Coronavirus hospitalizations in China:

a comorbidity analysis of coronavirus in China, read more here: comorbidity of COVID-19 in China

Presymptomatic Transmission of COVID-19

“The evidence of presymptomatic transmission in Singapore, in combination with evidence from other studies (9,10) supports the likelihood that viral shedding can occur in the absence of symptoms and before symptom onset.”

To read more from the CDC on presymtomatic Transmission of COVID-19, Click Here: CDC MMWR Presymptomatic Transmission of COVID-19

A study released related to COVID-19 and transmission in humid environments, Read more here: Case Study COVID-19 and Humidity

“Previous studies have demonstrated that the transmission rate of a virus is significantly weakened in an environment with high temperature and humidity. However, judging from the results of this study, the transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2 showed no signs of weakening in warm and humid conditions. We noticed a clustered case occurring in a public bath center with high temperature and humidity.”

Coronavirus in Italy, Infographic here: Coronavirus in Italy