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COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine for Pediatric Population Ages 5-11

Children ages 5-11 are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine is the only vaccine approved for this age group as a two-dose primary series, given 21 days apart.

Children with moderate to severe immunocompromised conditions have a different vaccine schedule. Children with immunocompromised conditions receive a three-dose primary series with the third dose administered no earlier than 28 days following receipt of the 2nd dose. A booster dose is not offered for this population

To read the Vaccine Information Fact Sheet for Children Ages 5 – 11, click here.

The charts below provide vaccine scheduling details for children ages 5 – 11.

*As vaccination recommendations become more complex, we suggest consulting with your health care provider before scheduling your vaccine appointment.

Schedule Your Appointment Now!

2nd dose appointments will be made at the 1st dose clinic.
If you need help scheduling an appointment, call 815-774-7386.

Returning for your next dose? You MUST bring your COVID-19 vaccination record card to your vaccination appointment. If you lost your vaccination record, you MUST request a new card prior to arriving for a vaccination appointment.


All minors under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present during their appointment and must remain with the child throughout the entire visit.

Children ages 5-17 may only receive the Pfizer vaccine which has been approved by the FDA and CDC.

Find your Pfizer Vaccine Clinic above or call 815-774-7386 to schedule an appointment.

Can’t Attend Appointment With Your Child?

If a parent or legal guardian is unable to accompany their child to a clinic run by Will County Health Department, their child can still receive a vaccine if:

    • The minor is accompanied by someone over the age of 18 designated by their parent or legal guardian, and
    • The minor brings the consent FORM signed by their parent or legal guardian. SPANISH FORM