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Illinois Department of Public Health Coronavirus Guidelines

Below are links to guidance documents provided by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Click on a topic below to view, print or download the documents. For further guidance, please go to the IDPH Guidance page

Guidance for Fully Vaccinated People

This document contains the IDPH guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated. These guidelines were developed based on guidance from the CDC. This includes what activities are safe for a fully vaccinated person to participate in and recommendations to continue to stay safe.

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Mask Usage Guidance

IDPH has developed guidance on when and why to wear a mask. The guidance includes what places a mask should be worn by the general public, how to care for your mask, best practices for homemade masks, and links to show you how to create a homemade mask.

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Release from Isolation/Quarantine Guidance

The IDPH has developed guidance for when COVID positive people and their close contacts can finish their quarantine/isolation period. Close contacts of COVID positive people have guidance on several scenarios for when they can finish their quarantine depending on how frequently they have close contact with the COVID positive person. If you are COVID positive or a close contact of a COVID positive person, please follow this guidance to reduce the spread of COVID.

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Long Term Care Facility Guidelines

IDPH has created guidelines for the reopening of long-term care facilities. The guidelines include eligibility criteria for advancing through each CMS phase, including testing plans, case status within the community and the facility, PPE supply and other criteria. The guidelines also include recommendations for when to allow compassionate care visitation, communal dining, medical trips, group activities and other social activities.

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Workplace Health Safety Guidelines for Employees and Staff

IDPH offers guidance for businesses to keep staff and patrons safe. Guidance includes recommendations for how to practice social distancing, when you should not come in to work, and who you should contact if you are concerned about an outbreak at your workplace or if you have a confirmed case at your workplace.

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Daycare and School Guidance

IDPH has developed guidance for school’s Pre-K through 12th grade and for daycare facilities. Guidance includes procedures when a student or staff member tests positive, procedures for students or staff members who are the close contact of a COVID positive case, procedures for contact tracing for those exposed to a COVID positive case, procedures for deep cleaning, and procedures for outbreak response.

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Personal Guidance

IDPH developed guidance on what to do if you are concerned about your risk of COVID-19. The guidance includes what symptoms to look for, whether you should get tested, where you can find testing sites, when to contact your primary care provider

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Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 Guidance

IDPH has developed guidance on what to do if you tested positive to COVID-19 or were exposed to a confirmed case. The guidance includes how to manage and monitor your symptoms, what to do before you see your doctor, separating yourself from other people and animals, recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID, such as washing your hands frequently and wearing a mask, and when you can finish your isolation. Confirmed or Suspected COVID Positive Guidance

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Places of Worship Guidance

IDPH guidance on places of worship and places of religious services includes recommendations for safest practices, including remote services, drive-in services, and outdoor services. Guidance includes protocols for social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and recommendations on how to modify high-risk activities.

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