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The purpose of the Adolescent Health Program is to improve adolescent health by empowering adolescents to adopt healthy behaviors by increasing the rate of adolescent well-care visits and ensuring that health care provided to adolescents is youth-friendly and meets the needs of adolescents.

Adolescent Health Tool Kit

Funding provided in whole or in part by the Illinois Department of Public Health, OWHFS, Maternal Child Health (MCH Title V Block Grant)

Adolescent Program Staff Work To:

  • Implement social media messaging, health education, and community outreach to educate the community about the importance of adolescent well-care visits.
  • Staff also work in collaboration with the Will County Community Health Center to assist in making the health center more adolescent friendly/centered.
  • The program’s focus is on high-risk communities including the underserved, socially disadvantaged, ethnically diverse, and LGBTQ community.

To request a health educator to speak to your group about adolescent health and the importance of well-care visits, or for more information about the Adolescent Health Program, call 815-727-8824 or email

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What is an Adolescent Well-Care Visit?

An Adolescent well-care visit is an appointment with a health care provider that focuses on keeping adolescents and young adults (aged 11-21) healthy by addressing health risks before they are a big concern. A well-care visit includes the following:

  • Physical exam, height/weight and blood pressure checked.
  • Check for behavioral and mental health concerns.
  • Advice and support on staying healthy (e.g., healthy eating, physical activity, healthy relationships, sexual health, stress management, dental care).
  • Immunizations/vaccines as needed.
  • All adolescents should have a Well-Care visit each year. Well-care visits are 100% covered by health insurance (private and Medicaid).
  • To make an appointment for an Adolescent well-care visit with the Will County Community Health Center, call: 815-727-8670.

Your Teens Well-Care Visit

It’s important to be prepared and make the most of your teen’s well-care visit.

Learn How to Prepare for Your Visit
Why It Matters – Postcard

Encourage Your Teen to Take Health Into Own Hands

Helping your teen take their health in their own hands now will allow them to be more confident about handling their health care as adults.

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Why Adolescent Health Matters

Adolescence is a time when many chronic physical, mental health, and substance use conditions first emerge. Learn why Adolescent Health matters, and what services are included in your annual well-care visit.

Well-Care Visit Parent Education Postcard

Adolescent Health Resources

Will County has many resources for adolescents. The Adolescent Health Resource Guide will help you find a variety of services for your teen including services for medical care, dental care, and mental health & substance abuse treatment.

View Resource Guide
LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resources
What’s the Story with These STIs?
Before You Risk It- Substance Abuse Resource
Comprehensive Adolescent Health Services

Minors Rights & Confidentiality

In Illinois, minors (aged 12-17) have rights for confidentiality and consent by law for certain health services.

Health Services 12 and Up Consent
Minor Rights_Wallet Card 1
Minor Rights_Wallet Card 2

If you are a young adult, ages 18-21, and need tips on how to make an appointment, what to say to your doctor, and how to obtain health insurance if you don’t have any.

Take Responsibility for Your Health

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Dental Health

Practicing good dental health is important to maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. It will also help your adolescent’s appearance and quality of life.

Will County Dental Offices that Accept Medicaid for Adolescents

Teens & Teeth: Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Smile

Do I Need Insurance?

Do you need health insurance but not sure if you qualify? You can speak to a Certified Application Counselor for enrollment assistance.

Learn More

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The Importance of One-on-One Time With Your Doctor

Private consultation time between an adolescent and their physician is crucial in facilitating adolescent communication about risky behaviors- like substance use or unprotected sex.

Importance of Private Consultation Time