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Adolescent Health

The purpose of the Adolescent Health Grant is to empower adolescents to adopt healthy behaviors by increasing the rate of adolescent well-care visits and ensuring that health care provided to adolescents is youth-friendly friendly and will meet the needs of adolescents.

The Adolescent Health Program Goals:
• Increase the rate of adolescent well-care visits among 11-21 year olds or in grades 6th through 12th in high-risk areas
• Eliminate barriers for adolescents accessing well-care visits
• Encourage Youth-Centered Care
• Use Social Media to increase Well-Care Visits

Adolescent Health Program staff will implement social media messaging, health education, and community outreach to educate the community about the importance of adolescent well-care visits. They also work in collaboration with the Will County Community Health Center to assist in making the health center more adolescent friendly. The program’s focus is on high-risk communities including the underserved, socially disadvantaged, ethnically diverse, and LGBTQ community.

What is an Adolescent Well Care Visit?
An adolescent well-care visit is a yearly checkup with a health provider for young people ages 11-21. The goal is to keep your adolescent healthy, allow them to get their important questions answered and to begin taking charge of their own health.

Topics covered at a well-care visit include physical health, mental health, immunizations, staying healthy, and staying safe.


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