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Tobacco Control and Prevention


The Tobacco Control & Prevention (TC&P) Program offers services to decrease tobacco use rates, keep youth tobacco-free, and eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke in Will County.

How we can help:

Smoke-Free IL Act Education and Enforcement:  We educate the Will County community on the law, respond to complaints, and conduct compliance checks on non-compliant businesses.

Tobacco Prevention Policy Advocacy:  Community Health Educators can help with writing, understanding, and enacting smoke-free and tobacco-free ordinances and policies. Toolkits, brochures, signage, and technical assistance can be provided on the following policy initiatives:

– Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing policy development

 Tobacco-Free Parks policy development

  Tobacco Free Parks

– Tobacco-Free Worksites policy development

– Stronger Tobacco-Free School Code policies and enforcement

Will County Vaping Toolkit-Schools 

Just Harmless Water Vapor – Think again!

E-Cig PowerPoint Presentation for Schools

E-Cigarette and Vaping General Information

E-Cigarette and Vaping Resources for Schools

E-Cigarette and Vaping Information for Parents

E-Cigarette and Vaping Information for Teens



Quitting Resources:

Need help quitting? The Illinois Tobacco Quitline is a free, telephone-based cessation counseling service provided to state residents who want to quit using tobacco products.  For more information, call 1-866-QUIT-YES (1-866-784-8937) or visit

IL Tobacco Quitline

– Call us to find out how to become an IL Tobacco Quitline online referral partner. making patient referrals to quitting assistance streamlined and simplified.       


To access the Will County IL Youth Survey Data

IL Youth Survey Data

Call us at 815-727-8769 if you are interested in policy development or assistance with quitting resources.

To request signs or other resources complete this materials request form: Tobacco Control and Prevention Program – Materials Request Form