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Safe Swimming Facilities

A dive into your local swimming pool or beach is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer’s day. Swimming in fact is one of the best forms of exercise for adults and children all-year around.  After receiving a license from the IDPH, all those wishing to operate a swimming or bathing beach facility in the county must file an application with the WCHD that includes the appropriate annual inspection fee. The fee schedule is included in both the ordinance and the application. 

To make sure your fun is not spoiled by a resulting illness, The Environmental Health Division of WCHD acts as the authorized agent for IDPH to conduct inspections at all the public swimming facilities and public beaches in the County of Will. In addition to an annual licensing inspection, inspections and water sampling of the beaches are conducted every two weeks during the summer months in accordance with the provisions of the Will County Public Swimming Facility Ordinance. Beach closures and advisories may be viewed at the Illinois Department of Public Health. Samples from these facilities are screened in the Environmental Health Laboratory for bacteria. The laboratory cannot accept samples from private beaches or swimming pools. For more information view the Swimming Facilities Code.


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